The Staffordshire
Badger Conservation Group

Badger eating

What do you do if you find an injured badger?

  • Assess the situation
    (e.g. if it is a road traffic incident secure the safety of other people and traffic)
  • Do not attempt to touch or move the badger
    (an injured badger may feel vulnerable and threatened and
    will naturally try to protect itself)
  • Check that the badger is alive
    (prod gently with a stick if necessary)
  • If alive protect the badger (e.g. by parking a vehicle appropriately and safely)
  • Contact the local badger group Stay with the badger until help arrives.
Please use the phone numbers below only for incidents
needing an urgent response such as
  • Badgers injured in road traffic accidents
  • Injured or sick badgers
  • Badgers found in traps
  • Cubs found alone during daylight hours
  • Death of a nursing sow in the breeding season (January to May) when the orphaned cubs may need to be found and rescued.

For these genuine emergencies only

Please phone one of the following numbers

North Staffs: 07533 224001 / 07947 214750
South Staffs area: 07563 730609

Please note that we are volunteers, so if you get no response from the first number, please try another number from those listed above.

If you have already contacted another agency such as the RSPCA, please let us know when you phone.

Dead badger
Badger jumping up on tree stump