The Staffordshire
Badger Conservation Group

Badger in the woods

Badgers and Snares

If you find a live badger caught in a snare please do NOT attempt to release the animal yourself. The badger may injure you or it may suffer further injuries itself. It may even escape with the snare still in place and die a slow and lingering death.

As soon as you can either
  1. Phone one of the emergency phone numbers shown at the top of this page or
  2. Phone Badger Trust 08458 287878 or
  3. Phone the RSPCA

Then stay with the badger until help arrives and arrange to guide whoever attends to the exact spot.

If the badger appears to be dead, leave the body exactly where you found it so that evidence can be fully reported.

Finally, whoever attends the incident, please can you inform the Staffordshire Badger Conservation Group by email on as it is important for us to record all such incidents.

Suspected Criminal activity

For suspected criminal activity involving badgers such as;

  • Badger digging
  • Snaring and trapping of badgers
  • Badger baiting
  • Shooting of badgers

DO NOT approach those involved as this may be dangerous

Phone the Police on 999

If it is safe to do so,observe and make a note of full details of location, description of, persons, dogs, equipment, vehicles and their registration numbers.

The RSPCA have a 24-hour cruelty and advice line on 0300 1234 999

If you know of or suspect someone of badger baiting or digging but do not want to get involved, then ring Crimestoppers - an independent charity working to fight crime, where you can call anonymously with information.

Crimestoppers   0800 555 111

Other incidents involving badgers
For non urgent incidents involving badgers such as dead badgers on the roadside
(except nursing sows see above), badgers in your garden etc, please go the FAQ page.

Two badgers together
Badger in grass