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Vaccination Appeal

Badger Vaccination Appeal

In Spring 2015 Staffordshire Badger Conservation Group began a five-year badger vaccination scheme at two farms in North Staffordshire. We funded the training and licencing of our vaccinator and Badger Trust helped with the loan of necessary vaccination equipment. This was completed. We now have another vaccinator training and they and other volunteers aim to be involved with a further project so we continue to try to generate funding for ongoing costs.

We believe that vaccination of badgers against bovine tuberculosis (bTB) is currently the most effective way of reducing the risk of badger to cattle transmission of the disease, along with stringent cattle movement controls and annual cattle testing.

Independent research shows that culling could actually cause the disease to spread more widely, as territorial boundaries will be disturbed leading to the increased movement of badgers.

Badger BCG vaccine alone is not the solution to bovine TB, but it does have an immediate effect with no known negative impact other than cost.


Two badgers together

Photo: Paul Bunyard