The Staffordshire
Badger Conservation Group

Badger biting at logs

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Email us at:

North Staffs: 07533 224001 / 07947 214750 South Staffs area: 07563 730609

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Join the Staffordshire Badger Conservation Group (SBCG)
Your subscription will help to protect Staffordshire badgers by supporting the work of the group.


It has become necessary to to try to generate more funds to cover the costs of our work of helping sick or injured badgers and orphaned cubs and to protect badgers from persecution.

There is an ever increasing demand for our work and although all officers of SBCG are volunteers there are costs involved in all of our activities.
Therefore to help us continue our work we have introduced new membership categories as listed below.

Golden Badger Membership

£15 per year
Golden badger members will receive our regular newsletter, a membership certificate, badger biology information sheet, badger badge and a SBCG recycled pen.

Standard Badger Membership

£8 per year
Standard badger members will continue to receive the regular newsletter.

Badger Cub Membership

£5 per year (for children under 16)
Badger cub members will receive a membership certificate, badger biology information sheet, badger badge, badger notebook, activity sheets for under 13's, a small badger soft toy and a badger mask.

Household Badger Membership

£25 per year
Current members will automatically be considered to be Standard Members and you need not do anything unless you wish to increase your support by upgrading to Golden Membership which you may do at any time by sending the additional £7 fee to the usual address shown on this page.

Other ways you can help

There are a number of ways you can get more involved such as keeping an eye on setts you know of and reporting anything suspicious, informing us of the location of setts you know about or find while you are out and about, informing us of the location of badgers you find killed on the road, informing us of planning applications in your locality which may disturb badgers and by helping with fundraising. If you would like to find out more about the work of the Staffordshire Badger Conservation Group, either contact us at the address or email details given above.


There are obviously costs involved in veterinary care and rehabilitation of injured badgers and orphaned cubs. Donations are always welcome to support this work and to supplement our other fundraising activities and can be sent to the address shown above. Cheques should be made payable to Staffordshire Badger Conservation Group.

Two badgers together
Badger in long grass
Badger in grass
Badger being toweled off